one of the 5 niyamas from the 8 limbs of yogA


We are taught to study just about every single subject there is from day one. Every single subject besides the one that truly matters the most. The study of the SELF. Many people live their entire lives without even catching a glimpse of what lies on the inside. We give our attention and energy to everything that exists around us but seldom to what exists within us. By studying the self - you will start to gain insight on how attached we are to certain beliefs, habit patterns, and societal expectations that are embedded deep within.

embark on a 4 or 8 week SEt yourself wild self study

Whats Included:

- Weekly Private Yoga Class with Elaina & discussion

- Copy of  "Women Who Run With The Wolves"

- Journal

- Writing prompts & daily exercises to hold you accountable along your journey

Please email to fill out an application.