As a long-term student and recent graduate of Elaina’s yoga teacher training, I am proud to attribute much of the depth of my yoga practice to Elaina. She guided me to push past boundaries I never thought were breakable. What is more, Elaina’s passion, knowledge and dedication for yoga helped me as well as all of the other trainees grow to our highest potential throughout the program. A clear go-getter and always one step ahead of her students, Elaina has energetically prepared, and inspired me to be a successful, compassionate yoga teacher. I am very honored to have been certified in Elaina’s first yoga teacher training, and I look forward to continue being a life-long student of hers.
— Mara, California
Elaina Mackey comes highly recommended as a yoga teacher and community leader. For many years she has been sharing the gift of yoga and training teachers to do the same. Her commitment to self growth was identified in my 200 & 300 Hour teacher trainings. She is a prominent force of nature. Her strengths include ( in particular ) compassion toward all beings and the creation of sacred space for her students to find their true teacher within. She is sure to guide your community to places unknown.
— Jonny Kest, michigan

Before beginning the training I had doubts whether I was ready. I did not have daily yoga practice, my headstand was pretttty wobbly, and I’d never studied yoga texts or history. Upon my first day in training, all of these doubts and worries were wiped away by the overwhelming sense of community, acceptance, and love. I knew I would grow physically stronger throughout training, but was surprised by the expansion I experienced emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Being new to the community, Elaina made me feel welcomed and comfortable. I immediately knew when I met with her before the training that I wanted to learn from her — her passion for the practice was infectious. Throughout the training she supported me as knowledgeable teacher, inspiring mentor, and caring friend.
— Jennifer, North Carolina

Yoga has been a solo practice for me for a long time now. Coming into a group setting, especially one where I was going to be completely immersed in a new setting, no friends, no family, no familiarity, I was scared. I was afraid of not being good enough, having made a big mistake with no one to help me out of it, scared that I would be so scared, I would get in my own way of growing. It would have been easy to let those fears keep me from seeking what I wanted; just sit by the wayside and let life pass me by. I don’t know why I thought I could travel across the country on two weeks notice and I don’t know why I thought I was strong enough to be so vulnerable. Elaina pushed me to an edge before she even really knew me and helped me see that even though it was uncomfortable, I could do more than I thought. It didn’t stop there though. Throughout training, there were plenty of times I doubted myself. Elaina’s steadfast faith in me, in the group, was striking. I suddenly felt I KNEW I was capable of all of this. I was stronger than I had ever allowed myself to be. My life may not ever be completely in my control but I was using that as an excuse to stand still, to compare myself to others either to beat myself up or to make myself feel better. I thank you, Elaina, for teaching me to accept myself for wherever I am in the the moment; for teaching me to take my life in one breath at a time and for teaching me that I can love myself unconditionally in my yoga practice, just like in everything else.
— Victoria, Oklahoma

Elaina is a true artist when it comes to teaching yoga. Her classes show thoughtful attention to detail throughout each part of class, and her flows are always so creative. Elaina teaches such graceful flows and gives students the creative freedom to explore, so it is not an uncommon experience to feel like a dancer. You will never be bored in her class. She guides her students right to their edges every time. The way she incorporates music, words, and silence leads students to be both motivated and challenged. By the end of class, your heart will be blown right open.
— Morgan, Illinois

Elaina Mackey may be one of the most inspiring yogis I have had the honor to learn from. I recently graduated from her 200 hour Yoga teacher training, and I feel nothing but confidence moving forward in my teaching career. She has a way of setting her students up for success without creating a feeling of being overwhelmed. Elaina is someone that I hope to learn from throughout the rest of my life. She creates a space of non judgement and it seems comes to her so effortlessly. That paired with her beautiful teaching style is something I will miss now that yoga teacher training is over, but look so forward to experiencing in future classes, workshops, etc. I will always cherish my time spent this woman, and I see nothing but great things in her future.
— Kara, Michigan
When I began yoga teacher training, I had no intention of becoming a yoga teacher. I stepped into teacher training with hopes to deepen my practice and understand myself a little bit better with my relationship to my mind and body. Elaina held a safe space for me, knowing and respecting my intentions; rather than edging me toward teaching yoga by method of intimidation, “pushing me out of my comfort zone,” or anything that would stray from empathetic listening, she offered me opportunities to test my comfort zone in other ways that I was more eager to experiment with (sharing vulnerable feelings, experiencing intense sensations in a yoga posture, extended meditation lengths, etc.). I insist that this form of compassionate and loving teaching is why I’ve found the teacher in myself. There is no better way to describe the teacher and facilitator in Elaina than as a sponge: when she teaches a yoga class or teaches passionate students to become yoga teachers, she comes to that space both empty and porous, ready to feel, absorb and TRULY hold all of the emotions that are sent in all directions. She is a reflective medium. When she has done her work with you, whether that be through a sweaty hour of hot vinyasa or a full 8-hour-long day of yogic lecture, happy tears, frustrated tears, thoughts on thoughts on thoughts; whatever it may be, you feel physically lighter as Elaina has grown by soaking up all that you were given the space to release. The most beautiful thing about this type of healer is that by simply wringing out the sponge of her soul, she can make more space to listen again, absorbing everything but being weighed down by nothing. This encourages her students to not only open their soul and release all that is being felt, but to do the same for others once their own space is so vast and porous. I have found the space to become a teacher, myself, because of the space she has held for me.
— Stephanie, Michigan